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The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) is a public research resource dedicated to the documentation of 20th and 21st century Irish visual art and design. 

NIVAL collects, stores and makes accessible for research an unparalleled collection of documentation about Irish art in all media.  NIVAL’s collection policy includes Irish visual art from the whole island as well as Irish art abroad and non-Irish artists working in Ireland.   Information is acquired on artists, designers, galleries, arts organisations and institutions, critics and other related subjects.

IMMA | NIVAL ROSC 50 - New Projects from Amanda Coogan, Emma Haugh, Christodoulos Makris, Nathan O'Donnell and Suzanne Walsh.

IMMA and NIVAL have announced details of the artists and collaborators who have been selected to create new projects in response to ROSC 50; a collaborative research project from both organisations to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Rosc exhibition in 1967. Through a programme of talks, events, research commissions and exhibitions ROSC 50 revisits the Irish art historical account of these landmark visual art exhibitions in Ireland; exploring their legacy and meaning in the present day.

The year-long project examines the ambition, reception, controversies and legacy of the Rosc exhibitions, which took place in Ireland between 1967 and 1988 and which had a significant impact on the development of contemporary art in Ireland.

An important part of ROSC 50 is to uncover new research and new perspectives from both artists and audiences today, and to record these for future generations.  Audiences are being invited to submit their testimonials of their experiences of Rosc, which will in turn be folded back into the NIVAL archive, while artists Amanda Coogan, Emma Haugh and a collaborative project comprising Christodoulos MakrisNathan O’Donnell and Suzanne Walsh have been selected from an invited call to undertake research projects in response to Rosc. Each will take as a starting point the material relating to Rosc in the NIVAL archive, and take into account of themes relating to the ambition, memory and legacy of Rosc and also the critical and public engagement with the exhibitions.

The period of research is from July to December 2017 and will be informed by the ongoing ROSC 50 programme. More information on the individual projects is available here. The ROSC 50 exhibition of archival material was displayed in IMMA’s Project Spaces from 5th May - 30th July 2017. Photographs by Ros Kavanagh of the ROSC 50 installation can be seen below. 

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