O Cuirrín, Tadgh

  • Reference Code:IE/NIVAL AR/6500
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Area Of Practice:
    • Painting
  • Artwork Type Technique:
    • Painting
  • Genre:
    • Landscape
  • Physical Location: Artist Files Collection


According to the Artist's website "Ó Cuirrín's work questions ideas of success and failure, both at a macro and micro level, by interrogating decision making processes, the effect of power and powerlessness that run through society and resonate in the slightest physical sensation of every individual. He explores the optimism and anxiety inherent to this decision making proccess as filtered through through the prism of a disorientating array of new digital sign activity and web based cultural detritus. The work seeks to remystify this whirl of technological change through ritual, transfiguration, détournement, and by interrupting the smooth transmission of information to interrogate the structures and systems of power."

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