Scope and Content

Limited edition of 100 copies, signed by the artist.
A ringbound diary with a handmade purple cover tied with string. The inside of the diary features a mixture of traditional diary pages (1 week per double page spread), notes and different types of handmade paper with text, drawings, cut outs and items stuck in. The handmade interior of the book is concerned with spiders.

"This book was a result of a collaboration between myself Niamh Jackman and Paul Barnes, at Daintree. After a number of conversations we decided to work together on a limited edition of 100 of these hand-crafted desk diaries.
The spider theme arose from previous pieces I had done and is an extension of my work as an artists' bookmaker.
This limited edition was published by Daintree, specialist paper shop. Almost all the papers used in this book come from Daintree."