Scope and Content

No. 50 and 98 in an edition of 100, numbered and signed by the artist.
A ringbound diary with a handmade purple cover featuring a caterpillar made from a pipecleaner, tied with ribbon. The inside of the diary features a mixture of traditional diary pages (1 week per double page spread), notes and different types of handmade paper with text, drawings, cut outs and items stuck in. The handmade interior of the book is concerned with moths.

"This book is the second in a series of hand-crafted diaries. This year's edition continues the insect theme with moths and butterflies taking centre stage.
These insect inspired editions emerged from my work as an artists' bookmaker. Each diary is entirely handmade using individually dyed papers to create an intriguing and unique piece of work."

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

The covers of these books are quite sticky and some paper has peeled off onto them from other sources. Each desk diary has a pocket diary stuck to it but to detach them may cause further damage.