Scope and Content

No. 10 in an edition of 100 signed by the artist.

A large-sized hardback book with a grey cover in a cardboad slip case. The book contains digitally manipulated black & white photographic images and letterpress printed text. Printed lithographically on 160 gsm Rivoli by Michael Taylor at Paupers Press and bound at The Fine Bindery.

The book is a response to Martin Bell's final BBC radio broadcast from Sarajevo entitled "Farewell to War Reporting" and includes a transcript of it. The photographs are in three sections, 'Ljubljana looking towards Sarajevo', 'Victor House Studios, Hackney' and 'Moss Bos. plc Covent Garden' and include landscapes, buildings, constructed objects such as an airplane and a bottle, a suitcase and rows of men's suits.


ISBN: 0-9531793-2-X