Digital Ephemera Archive

Patrick Scott Archive - Scrapbook


Explore Patrick Scott's scrapbook through interactive pages above. Featuring career highlights, personal telegrams and photos, you can zoom in to see detail and read articles Scott cut out and kept for posterity.

Digital Ephemera Archive

The Digital Ephemera Archive is a pilot project initiated in October 2009 to develop a digital archive to supplement the Library’s collection of hard copy documentation on all aspects of Irish art and design.

Information resources such as exhibition invitations, press releases, and brochures, produced in electronic format, are now being collected and stored as pdf's in our digital repository.  The Digital Ephemera is filed according to Artist, Gallery, Design or Subject Area, applying the same system of classification accorded all hard copy material.  

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Access to the Digital Ephemera Archive is password protected.  Contact the staff at NIVAL by phone (353.1.636.4347) or email for further details on accessing the collection.

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