About the Exhibitions Database

The NIVAL Exhibitions Database has been compiled to improve public access to the Library's extensive collection of files documenting art and design exhibitions in Ireland.  The files contain catalogues, press material and ephemera on more than 10,000 solo and group exhibitions from the period 1900 to the present.

The Exhibitions Database is a reference resource providing basic details on Irish exhibitions including title, date, venue, and artists represented.  A visit to the library is recommended to researchers seeking a comprehensive view of the actual files.

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  • Just Left of Copernicus - (Roof of the Story).

  • Title: Just Left of Copernicus - (Roof of the Story).
  • Reference Code:IE/NIVAL EXB/14779
  • Variant Names: 2015 VISUAL, Carlow; ext: "Just Left of Copernicus - (Roof of the Story)."
  • Date: 2015-10-03
  • Group Type: Solo