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  • Title: We are Solitary.
  • Reference Code:IE/NIVAL EXB/16765
  • Variant Names: 2020 Rua Red Gallery; exh: "We are Solitary."
  • Date: 2020
  • Group Type: Group

Scope and Content:

We are solitary. presents the work of 12 artists whose works reflect an array of approaches that characterises our cultural moment at the crux of this most unusual time in history. The artists in this exhibition represent a wide variety of styles and impulses, with each dealing with a spectrum of issues ranging from the personal to the community at large, delving into the past by looking at aspects of colonialism and ‘alien’ tree species to playing with our perception of reality by creating fictional worlds that reflect the one we live in now. Through connotations and associations, suggesting to the viewer the transient nature of our existence. These works are contemplative and assertive with moments of lightness and humour. The exhibition includes works by Kitsch Doom, Maree Egan, Louis Haugh, Vanessa Jones, Lisa Karnauke, Ann-Marie Kirwan, James Leonard, Martyna Lebryk, Bara Palcik, Eve Parnell, Bettina Saroyan and guest Lee Welch. Organised by National College of Art & Design, MFA Fine Art programme and Rua Red. Curatorial assistance by Lee Welch. (http://www.ruared.ie/gallery/exhibition/we-are-solitary 19 July 2021)