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The Gallery Database is a reference resource providing basic details on Irish galleries including name, address, dates of existence, and contact details, as extracted from the hard copy files.  A visit to the library is recommended to researchers seeking a comprehensive view of the file contents.

  • Reference Code: IE/NIVAL GAL/68
  • Title: Ava Gallery
  • Date: [2003] -
  • Gallery Type:
    • Commercial

Contact Details:

  • Contact Type: Director
  • Contact Name: Dickon Hall
  • Address: Clandeboyle Estate
  • Postal Code: BT19 IRN
  • Website: www.avagalleryclandeboye.co.uk


NIVAL holds a file on this gallery

The Ava Gallery became part of the Adam's Group in 2010 and they have hosted joint exhibitions since then. See also 'Adam's' in the gallery collection.