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The National Irish Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) is a public research resource dedicated to the documentation of 20th and 21st century Irish visual art and design. 

NIVAL collects, stores and makes accessible for research an unparalleled collection of documentation about Irish art in all media.  NIVAL’s collection policy includes Irish visual art from the whole island as well as Irish art abroad and non-Irish artists working in Ireland.   Information is acquired on artists, designers, galleries, arts organisations and institutions, critics and other related subjects.  The collection contains documentary material in all formats including books, catalogues, videos, slides, artists’ papers and ephemera in print and digital format. 

Art and Reality Symposium, UCD School of Art History and Cultural Policy.

Register for your free ticket here. Art and Reality: The Role of Visual Culture in the post-independent state will take place on Friday 19th October at UCD Humanities Institute, Belfield, Dublin 4.

Convened by Dr Róisín Kennedy, this symposium examines the role of visual culture in constructing and critiquing the state and national identity in the aftermath of political independence. The foundation of the Irish Free State was marred by partition, Civil War and division over sociopolitical goals. Other newly independent European nations in the post 1918 period experienced similar dissonance and chaos, often following the great hopes aroused by independence. What role did visual art and design play in imagining and building a unitary nation within such disharmonious circumstances? How did artists and designers critique the new state? Speakers will discuss the role of art and design in constructing and critiquing the new state and national identity in the early years of the Irish Free State and in other 'new', revived and remade European states in the post 1918 period. 



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