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Fenderesky Gallery Donation and Image Gallery

Published: 06 August 2016 ,

In 2014, Jamshid Mirfenderesky, owner and director of the Fenderesky Gallery in Belfast, donated 14 bankers boxes to NIVAL, each containing approximately 10-15 files of exhibition material.  The exhibition files include solo...Read More »

Familiar Faces: Grace Gifford's unique insight into the DMSA teaching staff

Published: 06 August 2016 ,

Another glimpse inside Familiar Faces, Grace Gifford's witty take on the practice of teaching at the Dublin Metropolitan School or Art.  Providing researchers with information about our collections is central to...Read More »

The Kilkenny Design Workshops Archive and the Digital Repository of Ireland

Published: 06 August 2016 ,

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is an online, open digital repository for content from the humanities, social sciences and cultural domains.  DRI is built by a research consortium of six academic partners...Read More »