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The Kilkenny Design Workshops Archive and the Digital Repository of Ireland

Published: Saturday 06 August 2016 Age: 3 yrs

The Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI) is an online, open digital repository for content from the humanities, social sciences and cultural domains.  DRI is built by a research consortium of six academic partners working together to deliver the repository, policies, guidelines and training: Royal Irish Academy (lead institute), Maynooth University, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology, National University of Ireland Galway, and National College of Art and Design.
NIVAL's Kilkenny Design Workshops archive features among a broad range of cultural and social heritage collections.  The KDW digital collection is the result of a multi-phase project to improve access to the collection by making content available to the public for research. In addition to majority funding as part of the DRI initiative, the KDW archiving project has been supported by the Arts Council, the Heritage Council, the Design History Society UK and by digital agency Fluid Rock.

Visit the Digital Repository of Ireland or learn more about the KDW archive by visiting our collections page.