Klaasen, Cor

  • Reference Code:IE/NIVAL AR/3090
  • First Name: Cor
  • Last Name: Klaasen
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 01/01/1926
  • Date of Death: 21/03/1989
  • Place of Birth: Holland
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Area Of Practice:
    • Printmaking
  • Artwork Type Technique:
    • Illustration
  • Abstract/Figurative: n/a
  • Genre:
    • Not Specified
  • Represented By: Not Specified
  • Size: 20+
  • Manuscript Material: True
  • Physical Location: Artist Files Collection


Klaasen lived in the mileu of artists in the immediate post second World War period in Amsterdam. His satirical prints have a resonance back to George Grosz, and the political cartoons of the Weimar Republic. Amongst his imagery are icons of dissent and individualism. Klaasen left Holland for Ireland in 1956. He worked at the O'Kennedy Brindley Advertising agency, practising as an illustrator. Klaasen's design work had an significant impact on schoolbook publishers Gill & Macmillan. Where early school books evoked imagery from the arts and crafts Celtic design, the imagery on Klaasen's books was directly inspired by the Bauhaus. File includes original samples of graphic design work, for example, small posters.

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