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Fenderesky Gallery Donation and Image Gallery

Published: Saturday 06 August 2016 Age: 7 yrs

In 2014, Jamshid Mirfenderesky, owner and director of the Fenderesky Gallery in Belfast, donated 14 bankers boxes to NIVAL, each containing approximately 10-15 files of exhibition material.  The exhibition files include solo shows, large group exhibitions and many shows featuring two artists. 

Most of the photographic images are of installed exhibitions in the gallery between 1990 – 2013. They are photographs, negatives, slides, transparencies and digital files. On the whole, the images are snapshots as opposed to professionally taken, but they give the viewer a good impression of the artworks and the layout of the exhibitions held in the Gallery. They also document the interiors of the three different buildings the Gallery occupied from 1990 - 2013. 

Frequent exhibitors include: Chung Eun Mo, David Crone, Michael Cullen, Diarmuid Delargy, Micky Donnelly, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Felim Egan, Barbara Freeman, Graham Gingles, Richard Gorman, Tjibbe Hooghiemstra, Kent Jones, Gillian Lawler, Ciaran Lennon, Clement McAleer, Stephen McKenna, Sean McSweeney, Alfonso Monreal, Jack Pakenham, Makiko Nakamura, Deirdre O'Connell and Martin Wedge.


Over the coming months, you can find out more about this exciting collection.